Angel Circle fashion is an allsize wholesale brand from Denmark that sells colorful ladies clothing to boutiques. Plus size fashion for the independent creative woman, who stands in her own power and likes colorful clothes.


We are specialized in the spring summer collection which we sell based on a forward orders in June-September for delivery in February-April the next year. We have no minimum orders and are able to make small production quantities. As a retail customer, you are free to choose the styles and sizes you prefer and choose from the many fabrics, colors, prints, embroideries and batiks in each collection. We have a big selection of well tried blouses, tunics, caftans, dresses and other styles that are ongoing.


As we produce our own batik designs for our garments, our batik production takes time as it involves a particular procedure of batik steps that are all handmade by humans. This ensures that each batik garment is unique, and that small irregularities or what we call smoking effects in the fabric, are part of the batik charm.


Using only the best viscose fabrics for our quality garments, means that they last for a long time. We also only produce what our stockists order, which means that there is no overproduction. These traits in our production all contribute to what we call slow-fashion.


Our style is generally loose and flowing, our garments made in viscose fabrics which fall well on your body and allows your body to breathe. In our opinion plus size fashion is more about body shape than about size. So we have a variety of well-tried cuts and styles that fit different body types and are our standard recurring styles every season.  Interested to know more about our designs, then take a look at our web shop where you will find an array of articles from previous seasons.


You can find us at leading B2B exhibitions in Europe or contact one of our sales representatives for further information. If you are a B2B customer please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any special requests.