Hi my name is Tine Løgager and I own, design and run Angel Circle together with my father Jens Løgager since 2002. Although I was born in Denmark, my family spent 2-3 years in Turkey when I was young and we spent ten of my school-going years in Indonesia, plus a few years in Canada before I moved into my adult life in Denmark. This was because Jens was working in a Danish paint company, and he was sent out into the world to spread his knowledge about paint production.

I remember one of my favourite experiences in school in Jakarta was when we were introduced to the process of making batik, and I made my first hand drawn batik in art class. I found it fascinating. Although I later went on to become a chemical engineer, drawing and artistic expression have always been a favourite past time. So when there was an opportunity to work with batik, the decision was not hard to make.

The independent multifunctional multinational lifestyle agrees with both my father and I. In the fashion business every day is different, seasonal deadlines, exhibitions, travelling to suppliers, designing new collections, packing orders are just some of the many different work descriptions when you are independent. The ability to sense what our customers would like is essential. The ability to communicate across many languages another. We have often found that you do not have to speak the same language to be able to understand each other and do business.


Over the years we have developed a very wide range of styles, as the body is very diverse and each body has its own particular preferences.... no body is the same and... no person is the same....different bodies require different styles and shapes. The same body may require different sizes in different styles because they are shaped differently. This is the challenge. If your personal favourite style is not part of a certain seasons shapes, ask for it and we may be able to make it.

This ability to make small quantities is only possible because of our loyal suppliers. We have worked closely together with our suppliers for many years and we know that our production lives up to the Danish textiles code of conduct with respect to CSR. In fact we were already working with these principles in the 00´s, before CSR issues were in the mainstream media. Our cooperation with our suppliers are long-term, based on mutual trust and respect.

We work with small family driven flexible suppliers, who in contrast to big industrial corporations in for example China, are able to produce down to one piece per style. This also means that our production expenses are higher compared to an industrial line production.


The cornerstone of our business is that we design and produce our own batiks, prints and plain coloured fabrics. This means that we can offer you fashion made from unique handmade fabrics. Thus our fabric costs are higher than the cost of buying industrial made ready dyed or printed fabrics. However it is our pleasure to be able to offer you this alternative. To know that our fabrics have that special handmade quality which makes you special.

We know that our style and colours are not for everybody, but we see this as a good thing. People are different and have different missions in life. Ours is to add colour to yours. To give you that special something that you cannot define, that makes you feel good.