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Angel Circle of Denmark - Clothing for Women

Angel Circle fashion is a Danish brand created by Tine and Jens Løgager. It is located in Haarby, on the idyllic Funen Island. It all started in 1989 when Jens began to import clothes from Indonesia, and today Angel Circle clothes are sold worldwide in both physical stores and online. Since the start focus has been on building an ethically produced quality product that will last. We use ecotex 100 quality dyes and believe in slow fashion where we only produce the quantities that have been sold to our wholesale customers. Angel Circle Denmark is a brand that offers you a wide range of styles in all the colors of the rainbow. The mission is to offer high quality women’s fashion that flatters the fuller-figured woman, who wants her unique feminine energy to be recognized – from within and without. Colors have different energies, and every plus size woman is unique, and deserves her own color to show off her personal character. So, welcome to Angel Circle plus size clothing! Come, join our universe of happy-size fashion clothing and find your own unique color and design.

High Quality Plus Size Fashion Online

Almost all of our Angel Circle clothing are made of natural fabrics. The benefits of using only natural fabrics is that no matter what plus size style you choose from Angel Circle, you get extremely comfortable, breathable clothing - a high-priority function for curvy fashionistas. Our most widely used fabric is viscose, the fabric that was developed to resemble silk. Viscose is characterized by its soft, delicate, elegant look. We work with viscose in all weights and textures to create a dazzling variety of looks. We use handmade batik to create our unique, colorful Angel Circle clothing. No two garments from us will be exactly the same because of the handmade fabrics, which gives you a piece of fashion with its very own charm and individuality. Find the entire selection of Angel Circle plus size clothing on the official website and online shop.

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