We will be showing Spring 2023 at the following shows this year. 

10-12 August 2022   CIFF   Copenhagen, Denmark    Stand C1-029


North East France: Martine Gaumain-Cerri, MGC Diffusion, 67160 Wissembourg, France +33681370051,

North West France: Jean-Francois Sabin, O´DS, 53200 Chateau-Gontier-Sur-Mayenne, France +33615075336,

South France: Patrice Gonod, Feillens, Auvergne-Rhônes-Alpes, France +33789884832,

Italy: Marco Corsi Rappresentanze, Marci Corsi, Via Galliera 62, 40050 Funo, Bologna, Italy +390516630731, mobile +393387520804.

The Netherlands:
H.S. Modeagenturen, Franka Pijpers-Stijnen, Steinderweg 10, 6181 AB Elsloo, The Netherlands +31 (0)46/437179 Mobile: +31 (0)653/731256

Spain and Portugal:
Tibidabo Brands, Guy Michel, Carrer Concade Tremp 47-49, Bajos Local 1, CP 08032 Barcelona, Spain +34 605566361

Other countries:
Contact Tine Løgager to book an appointment for any of the above exhibitions at or tel +45 51923578