It looks like this season of shows will also be very limited as most are already cancelled. Please let us know how we can serve you in alternative ways. We regret to say that CIFF has also been cancelled physically, but there will still be a CIFF online, link to come. We will be exhibiting in Vejle, Denmark in March as follows: 

7-9 March 2021   Vejle Messen   Vejle, Denmark    Stand B32


M&M Studio, Sylvie Cayer and Kerry Campbell, 555 Chabanel West suite 1107, Montreal Quebec H2N 2H8, Canada +1 5143824626

The Netherlands:
H.S. Modeagenturen, Franka Pijpers-Stijnen, Steinderweg 10, 6181 AB Elsloo, The Netherlands +31 (0)46/437179 Mobile: +31 (0)653/731256

Other countries:
Contact Tine Løgager to book an appointment for any of the above exhibitions at or tel +45 51923578